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Performing Your Maid Of Honour Duties

If you have been bestowed with the honour of being someone’s maid of honour, it is important that you carry out these duties really well. There are many things you have to keep in mind when you make the decision to become someone’s maid of honour. Even though the wedding planner does most of the work and everything is in order on the day of the wedding, there are many things that fall under the purview of the maid of honour. Therefore, if you are feeling a bit lost and you want some advice on what you need to do, this article is the perfect thing for you to read. Here are some tips. wedding celebrant sydney

Make a List of Duties

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you are well organized. This will become very beneficial to you. If you are not organized you will find it very difficult to focus and make sure that everything is in place. For an instance, if there is a church wedding, it is your duty to ensure that the wedding celebrants Sydney Northern Beaches has been informed and that he or she is in his place at least ten minutes before the actual ceremony.

Do Not Show Panic

If by any chance something goes wrong and there is a problem it is important that you stay calm and do not show any form of panic on your face. For an instance, if the celebrant cannot be found just before the ceremony, it is important that you do not let the bride to be, know of any of this. Instead, make sure that you have a backup plan and that you know others who can officiate a ceremony. Ensure that you do not act hasty and that you are patient. You can learn more information here

Keep the Bride Calm

It is very normal for most brides to get jittery feet or cold feet as commonly known just before the ceremony. In an instance like this it is your duty to ensure that you keep the bride calm and that you do not let the bride do anything drastic. It is your duty to ensure that you leave nothing for the bride to worry about or panic about. The bride is supposed to be very calm and collected on her big day.

Have a Grand Bridal Shower

One of the less publicised main duties of the maid of honour is to have a grand bridal shower for the bride. Therefore, if you are in this position, ensure that you have a grand bridal shower. Organize everything the bride would like and ensure that it is all there so that she does get to have a good night.

Enjoying The Sunny Brisbane Summer Months In Style

Summer in Australia is around that time when most other continents are freezing in the cold. Australia has spring in the months of September and October followed by summer. Thus, December is the season to walk out in your skimpy clothes and enjoy the sunny days. Since summer is eminent soon in the river city of Brisbane as well, we thought of enlisting some fun activities that can be had in the sun. 

Fun activities to enjoy in the summer month

  • Christmas The mention of summer, December and Brisbane, in Australia is a little incomplete without thinking about Christmas. The festive season in Australia is celebrated with outdoor barbecues and decorating the house and surroundings with flowers that are in bloom in place of the traditional Christmas tree. Christmas is mostly celebrated outdoors, with many families flocking to the beach to enjoy the sunny weather. However, those in Brisbane can instead opt for xmas cruises to bring in the festival. It is a great way to enjoy the weather as well as celebrate with the family and friends around. Check this website to find out more ideas regarding Xmas cruises.
  • Out on the river Brisbane is not known as the city of the river for nothing. Make the most of this nature’s delight in the summer months by planning every possible celebration on the waters, in a boat, whether a hens party boat Brisbane or an alfresco brunch onboard. A family excursion or making an announcement or celebrating an engagement is also a great idea. All of these can be done aboard a boat. Rental boats are an excellent way to celebrate your happy occasions along with enjoying the good weather outdoors. Another advantage with rental boats is a lot of the planning that is taken care of. These boats have a licensed bar inside which is well stocked. And they also provide catering thereby saving you a lot of time and efforts spent for planning these aspects.
  • Plan outings in the gardens Summer usually signals a full bloom of a variety of flowers which is a pretty sight to behold. Colourful flowers, lush green grass and pleasant weather all scream for a picnic celebration outdoors. Children too can have fun activities planned in the outdoors and families too can catch up with each other over barbecues and alfresco lunches. Trips to the zoo are also a big yes for the summer days and a must with the kids on sunny mornings. Brisbane has a number of national parks and botanical gardens which can be visited in the summer months. So, go ahead and plan your outing during the upcoming pleasant, sunny weather in one of the many outdoor places that Brisbane boasts of. Plan it either on the riverfront or in the gardens or on a boat.