I know what you’re thinking. It’s most likely going to be all about what colour is the best colour for the big day, or what accessory goes with that bow-tie. Then you ask yourself the question: who still wears bowties anyway? The answer is: every young man should be wearing bowties. And I mean, every single one.

For every bridal occasion, boys tend to opt for the store that does suit hire. Easy, cliché, and utterly boring. We girls have to go all out, as usual, and then just minutes later after all the formalities are over, the gossips start to meander. How much did the dress cost, what the price should be like once you figure out you’re going to be selling it online, it should definitely be sold for a price higher than what you paid. I mean, it’s as harsh as it can get, all this profit making. But I’m not here to spoil the fun by tabulating a list as to how exactly one profits from selling the “best day of my life” wedding gown. I’m here to show the chic styles one must have during the special occasion itself.

Let’s start with the unique bridal shop in Sydney. Looking for the perfect dress is all about narrowing it down to the perfect perfects in these five crucial criteria: silhouette, neckline, waistline, length and detail. Asymmetric, empire, halter, mermaid, ball-gown. There are so many terms to be researched, so plan it ASAP. Of course, it’s not going to hurt trying the different styles as one see fit. In fact, by all means, do so! But to save one’s energy and time (and I’ll toss the money part in there as well), get the basics covered first. What are you comfortable in and what are you not. What looks good on you and what doesn’t. Easy? Easy.

Once that’s taken care of, surround yourself with your arching theme. Rainbow of memories? Then it’s time to think which bridesmaid rocks the indigo better than the other. An underwater theme? Then get your wet suits on and rock that seabed like a dolphin riding a wave.

I’m going to casually swoop right in here as well and tell you plainly that not all bridesmaid dresses should be the same colour. Whoever told you that clearly does not know the BIG fact that it’s “your wedding, your rules.” So toss that idea away and start riling up the peaches and creams or the big fantasia explosion. It’s a day/night to remember!

In addition, though, as part of the package, some of the big definite no-no’s if you’re in for the chic, is the overloading. I mean it in a way where you rock the dress and suit in the perfect level of sophistication. Don’t go overboard, but don’t downplay it either. Experiment with different colours and patterns, mix-and-match, and for sure, it’s going to be bridal bonanza for not just the happily wedded couple, but for every single on in attendance.

To the shopping mall!