Preparing For A Company Event/partyOctober 30, 2018October 30, 2018Habid Paredes

Most companies and business owners make it a point to organize a company event every once in a while. The party is one way to promote a good working relationship amongst its employees. A lot of them spend long hours in the office just to complete certain reports, meet targets and beat deadlines. It is just appropriate that their hard work is being recognized and compensated in the right way.

 Though some companies are more than generous in providing their employees monetary rewards, personally rewarding them by throwing a party can make a big difference and helps provide a positive impact on their morale.

 No matter how big or small the party is it really doesn’t matter. What most people are really after is the time that they get to spend with the bosses and colleagues just relaxing and enjoying good food provided by finger food catering Wellington. Employees feel that they are valued by the management when they are given time off from work just to relax and have fun with their co workers.

 A company party can also be classified as a team building event by organizing several exciting group activities. They can also set up a  dance group competition per department that would encourage more employees to participate.  Do not forget to reward everyone with good food by hiring trusted corporate caterers that can provide unlimited food and drinks to everyone in the party.

 Create a program that will recognize the hard work of your employees. Believe it or not most of them are looking forward to this moment.  Coordinate with department heads and managers ahead of time and ask for the list of employees that is slated to receive special awards and additional recognition for their hard work and dedication to their current role. Prepare certificates of recognition, trophies or plaque of appreciation and set aside a budget for minor and major prizes. Make sure that your top employees gets the proper recognition that he or she deserves from the company.

 Aside from prizes we can also show recognition to the entire workforce by sharing to them some corporate giveaways or company souvenirs that they will treasure for life. Think of something that they would find useful. For example, if the office is heavily air conditioned it would be nice to give

 Some companies are also encouraging its employees to bring along their family and kids because it promotes good company and workplace culture. Employees are looking for companies that recognizes the importance of having a good family live by promoting a work life balance.